I am a Christian. I am a gay man. Here is chronicle of my symbolic journey west, toward adventure, challenge, mystery and ultimately peace.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


OK, gang, I'm still here. It got a little crazy there for a while, and at one point I had given up. I honestly hung my head so low that I had given up any shot at happiness or closure or comfort. I just assumed it wasn't meant for me.

Fortunately, the sun came up about 3 days later and I'm trudging again. It will all come out soon enough. Just stay tuned.

For the moment, I need to just be frivolous and light-hearted, so I pass along this quite disappointing Olympic news from OutSports: Beach volleyball: Guys, keep your shirts on

I love the Olympics. I love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. Expect to find me parked in front of the TV for the next two weeks cheering on the best athletes in sports, and even some of the not-so-best who are there simply to show they can proudly complete. I am watching for those magical stories birthed only in the Olympics. There are guys like Derek Redmond, who finished last in his 400m track heat in Barcelona, but came away with one of the greatest Olympic stories ever, finishing his race with his dad.

Or there is Eric Moussambani, who literally swam alone in his 100m heat in Sydney, while the crowd coronated him an Olympic hero, with a time more than double the medal contenders.

I am ready for a little inspiration. Bring on the Games.